I have travelled around the world visiting over 55 countries exploring the path less travelled. Always carrying big and bulky camera gear, but it is always worth the struggle, the extra checks at even the most remote airports and the sore shoulders after long tracks in dense rainforest – because coming back in front of the editing screen – seeing things through world-class-glass-lenses and captured in RAW format at 50 megapixels makes all the difference. See the video to get a short introduction – and I have made most of the images available in a royalty free archive for you to enjoy. 


After almost 30 years as a photographer, travelling the roads less travelled - on land, remote rainforests and deep into oceans - I have always explored with heavy cameras . Here I share a small library. You can browse and find images you want. Download high resolution for print or publications. Most of the images are over 5000 pixels and some over 8000. They are mostly shot on Canon 5d and 5ds, and Hasselblad 50mp, I make available only one size download, and that is max captured and jpg format. From this you can downsize to anything you want.

Lets make it simple. If you download an image for printing on your wall, posting on your website or use in an article or animatie in a movie etc. - you pay the 14 usd and add my name on credit. Just put with small letters © Lars Witberg, and I am happy. If you want an image for commercial use were you are reselling or making my picture into a commercial product for resale - then write me an email. Other prices apply and you need a written concent from me to do this.

So from the bottoom of my heart. Enjoy the library. There is fantastic experiences behind every capture, so I hope it inspires to adventure. What a wonderful world we have.
If you have questions about the pictures, please send me email: lars@witberg.no

Travel hard, travel safe!