Dressmann celebrated 50 years of successful history in August 2017. This spectacular 4 day celebration was organized by Reisverket Oslo. It was events both daytime and evenings for storemanagers, service department and head office. Dressmann is a fantastic client always making the most amazing events. We have worked with them for two decades and been all over the world creating events, culture projects and store design.

LWEX was in charge of the daytime content for the first two days. This means writing scripts, creating story for large audience, large amounts of films, animations and interactive content for screens.

This project was a wonderful balance between strong feelings and hard core business information. We created together with Dressmann many short and long stories presented on stage over the two days.

We have been designing experience with content that matters for almost 30 years and this is our core competence. Building live communication that works on a stage in front of an audience is our main product.