Every story is different and every medium demands slightly different storytelling. Writing scripts for different mediums is one our favorite challenges. We write, revise, strengthen and tweak the story to reach desired effect. We also illustrate and sketch storyboards and sometimes also animated sketches to get closer to the final product. This way we are able get a sense of how the story works. 


We create characters, environments and custom worlds. Then we bring the characters to life. It can be 2d, 3d or interactive digital games. The opportunities are endless.


Besides having our own structured idea process, we also run workshops with clients. Sometimes it is important to involve the client in the creation of the ideas. Push them outside the comfort zone a little and make them take part in finding solutions.

Ide processes is often both awkward and a little uncomfortable for people not educated in this or without experience in how this works. We try to demystify it and make it more fun and at the same time push in directions that give results. 
We are often asked to be “outside the box” or to find “outside of the box” solutions. Most people does not really know what this means and struggle to stay “out of the box” even for a few minutes. During our workshops it is both fun and we see people grow into liking it more.