About LWEX

The LWExperience

For the last 25 years we have developed experience concepts for small and large corporations. We have created experience tools and concepts for building stronger business cultures; increase employee performance and creating stronger relations. We design the arenas and the experiences, build strong stories and develop lasting impressions where people meet.

The best way to find out what we do is to book a meeting and get a presentation. I promise you will get new things to think about.

In Oslo we do Event Services, content and Story productions for a growing group of clients. We do event production anywhere in the world but at the moment mainly with Norwegian customers. Our key-competence is designing experiences and producing content for all sorts of live events.

The Art of Business Culture project is divided between all offices.

We currently design and develop industrial design projects also in Oslo, but plan to expand this field and move it out. It needs to be closer to production and larger market.

In Bulgaria we currently do three things. High-end film productions for commercial and feature film. Then we do a variety of digital productions, from programming to special effect and animation. Then the last is production of special stage design.

The quality of work, fast and efficient and a fairly low price level makes production in Bulgaria unique. Our company and network of suppliers gives you fantastic opportunities.

Clients we have worked with over the last years: