In Oslo we serve clients and network we have built over the last 30 years. It is a wide range of different projects ranging from brand design, experience centers, trade fair booths, digital solutions and a lot of event content. We run idea and innovation workshops and help new products and services to market.
Coming from over 30 years in the event business – but on the content side – we provide a wide range of event productions. From pitch processes, event design and writing and producing live keynote speeches.


In Sofia LWEX is a stand alone film and animation company. Started in 2017 we have now a steady flow of projects. The initial idea was to make it easy for Scandinavian clients to come to Bulgaria to shoot film, TV and Commercials. But we also increasingly develop and produce own content.

In Sofia we have skilled VFX people, animators and digital developers to create unique and customized solutions in the entire story-eco system


And very proud to be a part of Frank Agency in Stockholm. A new company making way in the Swedish advertising market. LWEX role in Frank is to be the creative hub utilizing the years of experience combined with the powerful graphic and digital content production in Sofia. We can bring high products to the Swedish market. The simple goal for Frank Agency is to make growth easy – and that is what we are doing. Helping companies to grow

Our staff varies a lot throughout the year because most our work is project based. We also need the flexibility especially in times like this, but we have a model that easy scale up and down making most projects possible. We are proud to have served a large group of well known clients for over 3 decades now.
The projects are diverse and makes every day different – just the way we like it.