Our Content Design Universe

Shaping our future with stronger stories, designing better solutions and create stronger commercial experiences.


We produce and
co-produce feature, TV
and commercials


We design and create
ouir own content and
for clients


We create and design
physical installations
and expereiences


We invent, redesign
and mass produce


We create
custom apps, VR and
AR solutions


We film and photo
from all over the world
available in image bank

Film Production with LWEX Bulgaria

We run a norwegian ownded Film Company in Sofia Bulgaria. Making it easy for Scandinavian clients to come for high end productions at lower prices.



We write small articles and produce films about some of our projects, ideas in progress, concept we develop and things that inspire us. You can also subscribe if you want to follow.


We do a wide range of productions for a wide range of businessess. We run projects from idea to finished productions all over europe. Our production fascilities, tools and large network gives very little limitations on what is possible. Call us and set up a meeting. It is most likely both fun and beneficial. 

From Our Clients

It is always better to relate to what other people say about us compared to what we say about ourselves. We have a long list of wonderful clients through the years you can talk to if you need. 

“I can confirm that our company has worked with Lars Witberg for many years. He is the most creative person I know. He is competent, effective and always in a good mood. He creates enthusiasm and rise the atmosphere in the room others can only dream of.”

Leiv Martinsen

Vice President, Dressmann

“Lars is one of the most prominent persons in the norwegian event business. He combines experience with curiosity, and adds an artistic edge to it as well. He also tends to understand what “it is all about” – which is very important to our business. On top of that he is a social and nice person to be around. I recommend him, and wish him the best!.”

Sverre Haug

Event Manager, EVRY

“Lars is one of the most competent people in the field of creativity, graphic expression, photography and film. He has a large specter of competence  and he is the best partner to have on the team. Do not make anything without his brilliant input. I have worked with him on a variety of projects over the last 20 years.”

Frederik Due

Enklere Liv, Retail Chain

Lars is an inspiring and creative storyteller. His creative skills surpasses most of what I’ve met in my 30 years of work in various professional environments in communications, brand and advertising production.
Complicated tasks become simple, good ideas are drawn and conceptualized to an impressive extent and pace.
Lars is always involved in a lot of projects and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

Helge Wold

CEO, PlayroomEvent company