When the VR solutions is mostly a single user experience the AR is a totally different ballgame. We design and produce lots of different solution for presenting and experience 3d in our physical surroundings. We can develop competitions, games, and advanced learning applications that we can experience through the wonderful AR technology. These AR projects are a collaboration between many different areas of expertise. We do the content and UI design, then 3d artist and motion graphic designers develop custom content and in the end,  we program in Unity the experience. Book a meeting with us to learn more about the possibilities of this fascinating technology


Virtual Reality is used for more and more every day. We use VR for two different things. We present a lot of our own work to clients using VR. When we design large scale experiences and physical spaces it is much easier to discuss details in the process with clients when they can have a 360 view.
And second we create 360 VR experiences for our clients for special applications. They can be multiuser and interactive or simpler stand alone rides.


There is no limit anymore on interactivity. Any surface or object can be used for interactivity. We can implement touch to any surface, hide rfid or sensors inside any object and make it all interact with an audience. We create, develop and deliver any solution.


We use an app from a Oslo based company called One Com. We have worked closely with them for years and It is the most versatile customizable on the market today. We use it for events and for large film projects. In the app we can easily set up daily programs, call sheets, scripts and storyboards, time registration, and special events. We can easily communicate with custom groups or individuals. We can set up quizzes, geo games and interactive fun. It serves as a closed community during the events so participants can share pictures and stories. And it is just as advanced or light you want it to be. Perfect for any small or large project. 


Here in Sofia we can create all sort of high end custom digital solutions. We produce apps, VR, AR and advanced we solutions. Usually LWEX’s role is to design UI and functionality and we use long time partners for the programming.