Dressmann 50 year anniversary

Dressmann celebrated 50 years of successful history in August 2017. This spectacular 4 day celebration was organized by Reisverket Oslo. It was events both daytime and evenings for storemanagers, service department and head office. Dressmann is a fantastic client always making the most amazing events. We have worked with them for two decades and been all over the world creating events, culture projects and store design.

LWEX was in charge of the daytime content for the first two days. This means writing scripts, creating story for large audience, large amounts of films, animations and interactive content for screens.

This project was a wonderful balance between strong feelings and hard core business information. We created together with Dressmann many short and long stories presented on stage over the two days.

We have been designing experience with content that matters for almost 30 years and this is our core competence. Building live communication that works on a stage in front of an audience is our main product.






Hotel Rooftop design project

This hotel is a design classic in the heart of Palma and one of my favorite places to visit in Europe. I was asked to look at the facilities at the rooftop area in one of the buildings. This area has been unchanged for years and does not work optimal for the guests as it is. The rooftop consists of two connected buildings and serves as a recreational area where you can relax, catch some sun and cool off in a small splash pool in one end. A shallow decoration pool divides the main area. It takes up space and serves no purpose. In the opposite end from the splash pool is a small sauna that hardly get used in hot Palma.

The project is how to upgrade the area to a multi purpose space more useful to individual guests and groups.

We started by closing the decoration pool. This way we got more space to play with. Then we transformed the sauna into a bar. This becomes the central piece on the roof and will make the area more useful. I designed the bar in a modern, light and fresh look. This aligns with the style of the hotel and makes it into a jewel at the top that will be seen from many places in the city. At daytime it will be serving refreshments to guests at sunbeds and for those in need of shade, you can hide under the pergola style roof extended out at full with of the building.

We put walls with circle mirrors to cover the messy ventilation tops behind the bar. The stools we produce in aluminum for minimum weight and maintenance.

On the long side of the area we have designed foldable bar tables. When up, you easy fit 4 people around and when not in use, you fold them down to free the space for other events.

This is just first step in this process and look forward to final solutions.

BIK BOK stand at Bread&Butter, Berlin 2017

We designed and produced Bik Bok’s stand at Bread & Butter 2017. Every year Zalando arrange this big fashion event and invite their biggest clients to design booths. They challenge all the booth builders to come up with fun ideas that engage with the audience. This makes the total exhibit a wild experience visited by almost 10.000 people each of the three days.

Our idea process was a lot of fun and we had many directions before

we landed on this “ball park”. One of the Bik Bok values is Love and the idea was to hide small hearts in the pool of balls. Then challenging the audience to find love to win prizes. We had concerns about how many people that actually wanted to dive into our playful pool. We thought we needed to push people in. We had no idea that the problem was quite the opposite – trying to limit the amount of people in the pool to about 10 people because of safety regulations.

The wild pool activity actually made some of the construction break in day to of the event and we had to do repairs. Needless to say this was a great success rated in shared selfies from our booth.

Even during the build process we had visitors from the other booths that wanted to test our pool. They jumped, backflipped, screamed in joy and took lots of pictures. It was a small indication on what to come.


Working with the people in Bik Bok was amazing. They were playful and knew what they wanted to create to make a stir at the event.