The LWExperience


For the last 25 years we have developed experience concepts for small and large corporations. We have created experience tools and concepts for building stronger business cultures; increase employee performance and creating stronger relations. We design the arenas and the experiences, build strong stories and develop lasting impressions where people meet.

These arenas become more and more important as the world becomes more chaotic and fragmented.

Over the last three decades we have been through the biggest digital revolution in history. Today everybody can distribute a story, with global reach, from a cell phone, anywhere and whenever they want. The information overload increase by the minute and your ability to influence a target audience diminishes proportionally.

…So, when you gather people in a room, close the doors, dim the lights and you enter the spotlight on stage, you have absolute and undivided attention. The effect you can create is enormous – if you do it right….and If not, the negative effect can be equally strong.

How do you design these precious moments to create the maximum desired effect? How do you build your story, design interaction with your audience and train for perfection? How do you build and implement long term solutions for building a strong business culture? How do you tease, involve and engage colleagues, partners or customers before, during and after events?

If these questions trigger your curiosity, send us an email or call us to set up a meeting.