We run the only Norwegian owned Film Company in Sofia, Bulgaria and make it easy for Scandinavian companies to produce high end productions in Sofia at lower prices. We represent B2Y in the Boyana studios for the nordic countires. In this massive filmpark filled with dedicated and experienced people everything is possible. Watch the show reel, look at pictures and if you have film, animation, video or special effect projects – call us to set up a meeting and we can give you world class quality productions at lower prices. We run full service production from script to screen. 

Sofia is one of Europe’s biggest film cities. Besides the large studios shooting several Hollywood and other international productions every year, the city is booming with smaller companies delivering every part of the story universe. Your story is maybe a film, a TV series or a commercial – but you also need the animated characters for short Instagram or facebook campaign, the online game, the AR experience to interact with your audience in stores, or the app connecting to sales, the interactive mobile solution to make your commercial hit your target group or the 3d printed life size model for retail campaigns – and it is all here in Sofia.   

At LWEX we help you with the total story journey. We create and produce, edit and grade, animate and design. We also help you expand the story experience with online games or VR or AR interactive solutions – or just line produce if that is what you need. 

In large sound stages we can build whatever you need. The cost of labor and the skills of the set artists is amazing and is one of the reasons the Hollywood producers keep coming back

We can create the illusion of anywhere on the planet from far east to modern metropol – and create any time in history, from present to future.

We create any model or sculpture in Styrofoam or other material that can be painted and used inside and outside.

VFX and Post Work

We shoot all different locations, on all types of formats and can handle all kinds of VFX challenges. The skill level of vfx people in Sofia is massive and no challenge is too big or too small. Here is a light production for a commercial, Only parts of the ramp was built. The person and cart was 3d scanned and composed together in post. We have tons of sample work on request.

Variety in locations

One of the true benefits of shooting in Sofia is the wide variety of locations close to the city. The major studios is just 15 min drive from your hotel and within an hour drive you have deep forest, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, snow, desert like quarries, old industrial buildings, modern buildings etc. All these different textures and terrains gives unique opportunities for shooting just about anything. We have large amounts of images from varius locations. Just challenge us. Here is a small collection.

We have a lot of different locations all around Sofia in addition to the large studio lots. Please send us an email or call +47 41507000, if you have questions about locations, studios or sound stages.