Testing AI in photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has long been the go-to software for graphic designers, photographers, and digital artists worldwide. With each new iteration, it continues to raise the bar, and the latest release is no exception. Packed with a suite of cutting-edge AI-powered features, the new Adobe Photoshop is a game-changer that pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

Text and AI-illustrations by Lars Witberg

One of the standout features in this release is the “AI Object Removal.” Removing unwanted elements from images used to be a time-consuming and meticulous process. However, with the power of AI, users can now effortlessly erase distractions from their photos with just a few clicks. Whether it’s an annoying photobomber in a travel shot or a pesky power line marring a stunning landscape, the AI Object Removal delivers flawless results, saving artists precious time and effort.

Another remarkable addition is the “AI Colorization” feature. This tool transforms black and white images into vibrant, lifelike masterpieces. By intelligently analyzing the content of the photo, the AI adds realistic colors, breathing new life into vintage or monochromatic shots. Artists and historians alike can now revisit historical images and visualize them in a whole new light, bridging the gap between past and present.

See the features demonstrated in the video below

The “AI Style Transfer” feature is a true showstopper. Drawing inspiration from famous artists and art movements, this tool empowers users to apply distinct styles to their own creations. With options ranging from impressionism to cubism, surrealism to abstract expressionism, the possibilities for artistic experimentation are virtually limitless. The AI Style Transfer invites users to explore new avenues of creativity, resulting in unique and captivating visual experiences.

Additionally, the new Adobe Photoshop boasts “AI Sky Replacement.” Landscape photographers and outdoor enthusiasts will rejoice at the ease with which they can now transform the sky in their images. The AI accurately detects the sky in a photo and seamlessly replaces it with a variety of preloaded options or user-uploaded images. This feature allows artists to craft the perfect mood and atmosphere for their compositions, giving their work an extra edge of artistic control.

Furthermore, the “AI Enhance” feature is a game-changer for image editing. With a single click, the AI intelligently analyzes an image and enhances its quality, bringing out intricate details and improving overall sharpness. Whether it’s a snapshot taken in low light or an old scanned photograph, the AI Enhance elevates the visual appeal and professionalism of any image.

In conclusion, the new Adobe Photoshop with its brilliant AI-powered features sets a new standard for creative software. From effortless object removal and stunning colorization to revolutionary style transfers and sky replacements, these tools unlock a world of possibilities for artists, photographers, and designers. By harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, Adobe has created a powerhouse of a software that empowers users to achieve their creative vision with unprecedented ease and finesse. The new Adobe Photoshop is more than just an upgrade; it’s a true game-changer for the world of digital art and design.



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