Can you use vr for education and creative inspiration?

We have made a 3d VR gallery with images we have made in AI. (That was a heavy tech sentence.) But don’t worry. It is a visual gallery you can play around in on your computer or phone. Zoom in and out, navigate around and jump to different locations by pressing the buttons. On most of the images I have added a short explanation about the picture and the best of all, I added the prompts so you can copy and paste in midjourney and create the same kind of images.

Text and AI-illustrations by Lars Witberg

If you want the experience to be even more fun, you can use the same link in your VR headset and just press the “glasses symbol” in top right corner. Then you enter full screen VR mode.
We use 3d, ai and VR like this for education, brand experiences and concept visualizations. It is very useful and boost the experience.

We have made virtual galleries available for minority groups in Bulgaria as part of a education program. The idea is to take art, stories, pictures, and film and make it into a VR experience for children and adults that does not visit galleries and many also not attending schools. This way we can create a learning experience and open eyes for new things. Once the people exposed to this technology get more familiar with using it, we can add more programs to the system. The good thing about this technology is that we can update the programs centrally and it will reach out to all the headsets around the country that are connected to internet. We can alter, develop, and create new programs and features constantly.

The program has so far been extremely popular, and we see it has more benefits than previously thought. The enthusiasm for repeating the experience over and over again, sharing with others, involving friends and family has been overwhelming. The effect we create in the learning and teaching environment is extreme. We will now further develop more systems incorporating more topics relevant for the target group. Stay tuned.

Here is a demo of the VR gallery for digital art we have created



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