We use our powerful graphic design toolbox and long experience in designing experience areas to help develop large scale real estate projects. Visualising how real estate properties can be develop help investors, contractors and clients to understant the potential in projects. This accellerate sale process, attract interested parties and help involved parties to understand the scope.

These sketches are from the ongoing Viken Park project. One of Europas biggest industrial sites now entering first stage. 1 million square meters of buildable land close to E6, railway, Borg Harbour and airports. 15 minutes from the swedish border and close to the entire european marked this site is the prime location for logistics, data centres, agriculture and land based aqua culture projects.

Our role was to visualise and gather all information about the potential. Then writing the full story and make that into a film aimed at investors, partners and clients. 

Great project with great people behind. Exciting to see the project unfold. 

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Founder and CEO of LWEX