We are constantly seraching for better and faster ways to communicate and make people understand faster and more pricice. Often this ends up with video, animations, and voice overs. We see how much faster we consume large amounts of information in less time.

This project for PURUS is an animated instruction video for use in an online course for the people installing the units. Even if you are not a plumber and watch this video you still get a pretty good impression of the process.

By doing it this way we can focus on alle the key elements in the installation we know is crucial to get right. In the online course the video is divided into parts and broken up with quizzes to make sure the right information is understood.

We produce more and more online classes with videos, animations, and scripts. There are many very strong arguments for online classes working better than ordinary classes. You can study in your own pace, when you want, you can rewind and get things repeated as often as you like and through our new online tools we can see the progress of every student. How many times the videos are played, how far in the program they are and we get a record of all information consumed.


PURUS are using online classes extensively in their work and see clear benefits in both time and quality of work done.




Founder and CEO of LWEX