Our role is sometimes to come in on a project to push thinking out of the box. We are not architects, even though some of us have that background, but we are challenging status quo. We need sometimes to look at ordinary things in new ways to push products, service concepts forward.

Most businesses are pushing for market shares in challenging markets and need to find their blue ocean. We have tools and decades of experience running these processes. Often are the roads forward small steps with huge benefits, other times it is total rethinking of markets.

Our role is not to come up with all the solutions but more often to pour energy into the process and push in right directions.


This example is a group of investors wanting to build a new hotel. They wanted a process challenging the whole hotel service market. They wanted to explore new ways and create offering in the market attracting a new breed of clients. One of the ideas was to not have rooms attached to a building, but rather have them as detached unit’s constant on the move. The main hotel as a “mother ship” and rooms as satellites creating unique and spectacular experiences for a new part of the market.

It ends in sketches and presentation material like this. We run process, visualize, and make material we can test in markets and target groups. This out of the box work is important part of any large-scale real estate development early in the process.


The story of this project is off course more complex. Take contact if you want to hear more.



Founder and CEO of LWEX