Miniature Stage Model

by | Oct 22, 2019 | LWEX IDEAS, LWEX NEWS | 0 comments

We made a miniature model of this stage to try and explain all the different levels of possibilities that is included in this idea. Sometimes a miniature model is the best way to give the client an understanding of what the idea is.

This stage has 4 or more huge androgyne faces hanging from the ceiling from the stage and out over the audience. On the back wall of the stage we have a huge screen presenting all the usual stuff, but on the faces, we can project different elements. When you project on a surface you get a three-dimensional effect that is very special. On these faces you can project a person’s face talking and it will look like a giant 3d face is suspended over the audience talking. So, how can you use this? First you can have prerecorded people talking, you can have prerecorded singers that we que in sync with music, we can have en expert panel being filmed somewhere else and projected on the faces. The person on stage can communicate with the large faces by live feeding a video stream and it can happen in real time. This is a unique way to build a stage and has all the multi-layer communication elements we always dream about. It was never used; the model still is still here and the idea is up for grabs.



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