The Buzludzha project

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A lot of people travel to the Buzludzha Monument every year and walk around in this beautiful landscape, and the only story told is of this old communist landmark. We brought a drone and tried to capture more angels of the monument and the mountains surrounding it.
When doing research to write the story, I found there was a lot more to this place than just a broken monument. In fact, a lot of important historic event took place here. So, after gathering lots of small stories from this place, the puzzle begins. Trying to make one short story with an interesting angle combined with beautiful voice and moving images. And this is how we work. Always start with story.

The Film and the Script

The script:

In 1868 this beautiful mountain landscape became historic. It was the place of the final battle between Bulgarian rebels and the forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Bulgarians lost and only four rebels survived, but their action served as an inspiration for the “liberation of Bulgaria” from the Ottomans ten years later.
In 1891 a group of socialists met secretly on this historic site to form what later became the Bulgarian Communist Party – and almost a century later they raised The Buzludzha Monument. After the fall of Communism in 1989 it was abandoned and is now completely falling apart.
Even though the most visible today is this symbol of fallen communism, this historic site is originally a commemoration of those giving their lives in the fight for freedom – a good thought to bring when visiting these beautiful mountains.



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