The computer graphic world has changed dramatically over the last decades. It is no longer possible to see what is real and what is not. The quality of the render engines and the advanced software makes the possibilities endless.

We work in a variety of 2d and 3d software every day and can make anything happen. For us it is mostly a tool to design 3d space and products for presentation purposes and then the render output does not need to be hyper realistic, but sometimes the projects needs more. If you slide the slider you can see the wireframe 3d models and then how it renders. We can make products look 100% real before they exist. It is wonderful to have this graphic power.

Visualizing real estate projects

We can take projects not yet built and turn it into VR Walk Thoughs or video presentations, or we can alter existing properties into something new.

With 3d we can take off the roof, look at the floorplan from different angels and get a better view of the property.

We can add and remove walls to give a better understanding of what is possible 

We can composit the 3d model into google earth to orient the viewer in the building.

Retail Store Design

We worked for a year and a half in the Varner Group designing retail stores. During this time we designed an enormous amount of conceptual furniture and interior. We followed the process from start all the way to finished prototypes. We produced in China, Poland and Latvia.


Founder and CEO of LWEX